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Question Mark clip art      What’s a panel?

Panels are defined as formalized discussions between fans (with a moderator), presentations by guests or fans to an audience or workshops presented to an audience by fans or professional experts.

In plain English: You (and a few others) get to talk about or demonstrate something you’re really interested in to an audience (who can also participate if you let them).

Question Mark clip art      How do I sign up?

Fill out one of the two forms below. One form is for English panels, the other for French panels. Choose the form that corresponds to the language you will be presenting or holding a discussion in..

We will need your legal name, your email and a bunch of other information from you. If you’re bringing a computer presentation on a platform such as a PowerPoint, you may need to submit it in advance. We are not responsible for creating any presentations for you. We’ll provide the technology (within reason) for you to present the material.

Question Mark clip art     What do I get for doing panels

According to the number of panels you host you will be rewarded as follows :

      • 1 panel : $10 refund your badge
      • 2 panels : $20 refund of your badge
      • 3 panels : Complete refund of your badge

Lightbulb Blue clip artInterested but hesistant?

If you’re interested in running a panel but want some suggestions to get you started, here are some panels we are typically looking for:

  • “Insert cosplay topic here” 101 – A “101” workshop covers some basics about a given cosplay topic, what to know about the community involved, where to find material, the good stores, what kind of technics are used.
  • “Insert Fandom Here” PanelWhether it’s Attack on Titan, Mobile Suit Gundam, Doctor Who or Star Wars, this is a casual roundtable discussion about your favorite series with fellow fans.
  • Ask a “Insert Fandom Here” – Cosplayers willing to play the role of various characters from a particular series to answer questions from the audience for guaranteed laughing moments.
  • “Insert Topic Here” After Dark– Late night panels which cover the more risqué side of a topic, whether it’s about shipping, fanfics, ecchi, or other 16+ or 18+ content.

These are just a few suggestions; feel free to come up with ideas on your own!

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Prohibited Content


Keep in mind that the following are FORBIDDEN:

  1. Any use without permission of intellectual property material (i.e: You cannot show an extensive clip of Naruto without written permission from Viz Media).
  2. Showing or reading any illegal material.
  3. Workshops that involve open flames, caustic or toxic materials, or electrical or chemical hazards.
  4. Any panel that goes against, or incites people to go against, our policies and rules.