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The Geekfest is full of activities and guests, but it’s also YOU!

Simple visitor, but immense talents!

We leave you our panel rooms at your disposal and are proud to show your talent to the rest of the world.

It is with honor that we present here our panelists for Geekfest 2017.


Daragonne, a.k.a Daphnée, has been a passionate cosplayer for 4 years now. Adept at all sorts of projects ranging from complete armor to advanced sewing, she particularly likes original creations that gives way to inventiveness and the addition of details. Her biggest pride? The variety of weapons she has created over the years, and the place they now take in her room!

Space Potatoe, aka Laurie, is not really a TB patient. Her true passion is the wigs. In fact, if you see her in convention, she will probably have a comb in her hand and will be helping a poor distressed cosplayer to fix her wig. She very often embodies waifus (beware of nosebleeds caused by the loli factor). Her biggest fear? That a good quality wig is too mixed up to save it.


MEXPERTBOUND also known under the pseudonym M.EXPERT.BOUND (M for Monsieur or Master) is a Youtuber from the province of Quebec who makes videos on mobile games of all kinds as well as videos commenting poutines (typical Quebec dishes including basic ingredients : french fries, fresh cheese curds, all topped with a “brown” sauce). From the age of 4, there has always been a joystick in his hands. Since childhood, he always liked console, computer and laptop video games. Since 2014, he started playing with mobile games. As a youtuber, his biggest hit on his channel is the 2015 Jurassic World : The Game. Today, he continues to make videos and shares his passion with the people who follow him.

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Akishuna started her geek life at the age of 13 when she first read the Lord of the Rings. She made her first cosplay in 2013. As a cosplayer, she particularly likes to create armor and props that contain LEDs




My name is Ryan Ramsumair.  I am a huge fan for anime and video games(mostly Japanese role-playing games and action games)  I have been a long time fan of the Tales of and Star Ocean series as well as others.  I also love various anime series ranging from cute to serious.  In addition I have a spot for things kawaii.  I am also a part-time casual cosplayer. Right now what I am doing with my life at the moment, I am a culinary student at Pius.  In addition I work at a fast-food chain part time. As for my panel,  I will be talking about the long running JRPG series Tales of.  I’ll be going through the series’ history, its most popular and least known games, elements of the series’ combat system, a trivia game, and a little bit about Star Ocean at the end of the panel since they very similar to each other.



MrJechgo is a photographer who has been traveling in Quebec for almost 10 years. He caught the tick for photography in 2008 and today, he pursues his passion relentlessly. He made a name for himself on Deviant Art with his concept of “comparative photos”, photo montages that present the cosplayers side-by-side with the original character. MrJechgo is also a video amateur, capturing the different panels and the Masquerades on camera. After time, he jumped In photojournalism, reporting spontaneous snapshots of the various events of the geek culture. A geek at heart and a photographer with a big heart, MrJechgo is an artist who is proud to serve and support the cosplay community as well as the festival-goers. Crédit: Henrickson



Convention Photographer since 2014, he began as a simple day laborer, but at G-Anime 2015 he started to do more personal sessions during conventions and since then, he has never stopped. Since 2016, he has integrated his friend as being the Ninja de Pol to assist him with all sorts of tasks, as well as a personal ninja during the masquerades for some cosplayers. Crédit: Pol Nado

Midori-mokuzai : I have been doing masquerades since april 2015 and until today I’ve done 17! The important thing is the motivation!

Stormwizard cosplay : Cosplayer since a few years already, MaximeTheriault is a fan of life size and an ace in interpretation!

The Merchant’s Cosplay : Great lover of humor and competition! I am just a beginner in the world of competitive cosplay but I will surprise you!



Nekorai Studio After an AEC in video game design, Nicolas worked as a tester in the industry hoping to be promoted to the designer position. It was then that a colleague suggested to him to do a programming course, because what he wanted was to realize his own ideas. Thus, on September 1, 2010 he founded his first company Nekoraï Studios, working in video game production and website design. He comes today to share with you what he has learned since.

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Kinerai is a cosplayer from Montreal. She started cosplay in 2009 and has never stopped since. She loves to create new costumes and share her knowledge about buying and making cosplays with those who seek her advice.


The Podcast

The Aventureux podcast was born in 2015 on the initiative of Étienne Harvey, who was looking for volunteers to help create the first Quebec podcast for role plays. After a general appeal to the revolutionaries of the province, Marc Vallières and Philippe Gamache answered the call and joined the team. United by a common passion, an infinite curiosity and the parole, the three role-players instantly became accomplices and embarked on the adventure without looking back. During our first year of existence, a fourth member joined the adventure: our dear Carine Hamel. If the purpose of the podcast is summed up in three words, they are: Discover, Share and Debate.


The Orchestre à vents Péri-Phonique is a wind orchestra whose goal is to offer amateur and student musicians the opportunity to join a high level orchestra on the South Shore of Montreal. Founded in 2011, the OVP wants to help the general public discover unknown wind orchestra repertoires. In addition to various musical styles, the OVP builds programs with music from movies, video games and cult TV series. The OVP will be presenting their Lord of the Rings concert on January 21st 2018; don’t miss out on this chance to come meet them at the Geekfest and get your tickets before they’re all sold out!